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AgBase is a curated resource for functional analysis of agricultural plant and animal gene products including Gene Ontology annotations.
In January 2019 AgBase will be switching to a non-profit, subscription model. More Information

Currently the AgBase database is solely supported by competitive funding from federal agencies. With the increasingly competitive funding environment, it is ever more difficult to justify funding to support necessary maintenance, updating and curation tasks that ensure the best quality data to support your research projects. With this in mind, we are moving to an institutional payment system to maintain the AgBase database.

We are partnering with Phoenix Bioinformatics, a non-profit organization, to implement a subscription-based funding model for AgBase tools and large-scale analyses. We are all very aware that the researchers who use AgBase also have strict budgets, so we will provide subscriptions that can be managed by institutional libraries, just as they would manage subscriptions to journals and software licenses. In the spirit of keeping AgBase as open-access as possible, researchers will still have a number of page views to search and find data from AgBase each month before a subscription is required, similar to many online newspapers. Funds collected from subscription fees will be used to directly support AgBase biocuration and maintenance tasks, and as we are working with a non-profit, you can be assured that we will only be charging what is necessary to keep AgBase up and running.

Subscription benefits will include:
  • Unlimited access to all AgBase content, data sets, and tools
  • Up-to-date functional information hand-curated from the literature
  • Functional predictions for newly annotated gene products
  • Custom data set analysis with functional annotation and functional enrichment analysis

For pricing information and next steps to request institutional access, please contact

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